Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer is coming, summer is coming!

Spring has almost come and gone and summer is upon us! We have several new projects in house.
We are currently doing ADA site upgrades locally as well as working in other cities across the state of Texas.

AM Design has several vendors that help us achieve your end goal. We provide interior design needs, furniture assistance, graphic design, and several other services. We can provide turn key service for most of your project needs.

Please contact us today to discuss what all we can do for you. We would love to work with you!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Year - New Projects!

Happy New Year! As the beginning of the year takes off, many clients are finalizing what they plan to spend their capital budget on this year. Are you one of those "would be" clients? If so, then give us a call!

This quarter we have many new exciting projects already on the boards in our office, but there is always room for more. No project is too big or too small for our office. I recently had someone contact me to ask if we would just help them pick paint drawings, no construction meetings...just pick a few paint colors. My answer to this...sure! Working with our clients in whatever capacity they need is our job.

Check back soon for some pictures of a few of our projects nearing completion.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

End of the year countdown!

As the end of the year fast approaches, we want to take this time to say "thank you" to all of our clients.
Some of you are new this year and some are clients we have done business with for several years.
We are continually striving to not only produce a great end product, but outstanding service as well.

The fact that so much of our client base is repeat customers says a lot to us. To all our new clients from this year, we hope that you will remember us in the future should another design dilemma arise.

Exciting projects are on the boards for 2013, so please check back after the New Year for great things to come!

Happy Holidays from all of us at AM Design!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Selecting finishes for your project....

Did you know that AM Design can work with you to select finishes even if we are not the designer of record for the construction documents? Several of our clients come to us after the fact to assist with finishes during the construction process.

We can work hand in hand with you and your contractor to select products in your budget and timeframe.
We also can help select furniture and coordinate furniture quotes and furniture plans with your vendor of choice. AM Design has several vendors we work with to provide furniture and that allows us to help you secure not only the best product but the best price for you.

If you need assistance with finishes or furniture...please give us AM Design a call today - it's never too late!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Last minute items....

Have you recently completed a project? Does your space look great but is still missing something? Often we are asked to help accessorize spaces. Sometimes this portion of the project is overlooked and can be almost as important as the rest of the project.

We have several contacts and vendors we can use to help you find that special painting or piece of furniture for your office. If you are in need of assistance with accessories for your space - give AM Design a call today!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall is upon us!

Fall is fast approaching and AM Design is in the process of completing a few new projects.
We will post photos for these jobs as soon as they are complete. We completed a walk through today on one of the projects and the finishes are looking great!

If you are a property manager and have funds in your capital improvement budget you need to spend....give us a call! We work hand in hand with property managers on ADA upgrades as well as public corridor or restroom renovations.

Next up: A great graphics project on the boards!

Monday, May 14, 2012

CRE8 2012

Being in the design industry, we are continually invited to participate in wonderful activities and causes.  Earlier this year we were asked to be involved with CRE8 2012.  This year's event helped to support Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), a wonderful organization that reaches out to children who are removed from their homes either due to neglect or abuse.  Every year CRE8 challenges it's separate teams of designers to produce a garment made from materials used in the design industry (ie tiles, wallcovering, upholstery, etc.) while adhering to a particular "theme".  This year's theme was Fairy Tales.  In order to round out our team, we were paired up with some wonderful ladies at Rogers Ford Architects.  As interior designers, we were definitely up for this challenge.  The following is a breakdown of the process we went through to be one of the winning teams for CRE8 2012:

 Step 1: Book Drive

Each design team was given the initiative to raise as many books as it could, which would in turn be donated, to the children of CASA.  The team with the most books was able to select their fairy tale first.  Amazingly, our team raised over 500 books!  Out of 22 design teams, we were third overall in gathering the most books.  Our team had decided previously that if given the opportunity we would choose The Little Mermaid, so we did!  We were then paired up with our underwriters (the reps that would be supplying the materials) Horizon Tile and Koroseal.  After many sketches and searching through tiles and wallcoverings, we all agreed upon the concept, inspired from the character of Ursula the sea witch, and the materials we wanted for our garment and placed our order.

Step 2: Development

Our team met several times to develop our design and decide how our model would appear.  Eight days prior to the fashion show we were given our materials to begin our creation.  This process was more time consuming than we each had previously anticipated.  One of our team members happened to be quite talented with a sewing machine.  She was able to form the base and the bodice for the dress.  We glued tiles, cut wallcovering and fabric and developed a headpiece for the look.  As we were constructing the piece, our design continued to morph and change as we discovered what did and did not work.  We worked feverishly around the clock right down to the day of the show.

Step 3: Bring it all Together

Friday, prior to the show that same night, we all met to assemble our garment on the model.  Our model had to wear the top portion of the dress from 3 pm until after the show around 10 pm because there was no way to get the top of the garment over her headpiece.  The top portion consisted of a wallcovering bodice and a mesh underlayment around her chest, shoulders and neck.  Sewn over the chest was a "shell-like" piece made out of the same black wallcovering as the bodice.  We used green and orange tiles glued on the mesh to give a jeweled scale like appearance.  After the top was placed on the model, we attached her headpiece.  The headpiece was inspired by the fins on a fish.  The headpiece alone took about 12 hours to create and consisted of hundreds of beads and jewels each meticulously glued on.  We then styled the hair by curling and teasing, in turn creating a large amount of volume.  Our model was then called to rehearsals and we all reconvened afterwards to finish the make-up.  Thank goodness we had a make-up artist because it turned out fabulous!  After makeup was completed, the model carefully slipped on the skirt portion of the ensemble.  The skirt form was much like a pencil skirt, but over the base material, we glued scale-like shapes that wrapped around the entire skirt.  We used the same mesh material from the top portion of the garment for a fin-tail inspired train on the back of the skirt. 

Step 4: The Walk

The time finally arrived for the big event.  One by one each fairy tale inspiration walked, or should I say strutted, down the runway.  The garments were so creative and just amazing!  Everyone did such a fantastic job which I'm sure made it all the more difficult to select the winners.  The results were announced, and all of our team members were surprised when the judges announced The Little Mermaid as 'Best Performance'.  This made all of the hard work and time well worth it.  After taking many photos we enjoyed the night with food, drinks, dancing and fun.
Took a quick picture before the big walk

Anna, Allison and Tiffany

Receiving the Award

The Team

Dancing at the After Party

We had an amazing time and look forward to many more!

AM Design Associates